Preferred vendor list

The following companies have been used and are recommended by Pure Maintenance for your business needs. As a licensee you are not required to use any of these specific vendors or services. This list is for convenience only. Pure Maintenance does not profit from your choice of any of these vendors.


House Call Pro

House Call Pro is an all in one CRM used by many of the Pure Maintenance licensees. It provides a customer database as well as an invoicing and estimate system that links with Quickbooks. Other features of the software include email campaigns, direct mail campaigns to your customers, credit card processing, text notifications for customers, square footage information and more..

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Service Direct

Service Direct provides an additional source of leads and you only pay for the qualified ones. Click the link below to learn more or contact Nathan at


Goodr is a company that specializes in Reputation Management and SEO support. Goodr has a variety of packages available for Pure Maintenance Licensees that will help you get found by customers online. Their software also provides the easy opportunities for your customers to leave reviews online.

EM P&K Labs

Em Labs is a nationwide accredited lab with a long relationship with Pure Maintenance. They provide excellent service and have given our licensees a special price point. They have a mobile app that allows you to pull up any report on your account and they pay for overnight shipping to their location. Our sales contact is Scott Martinez and our service representative is Shannon Nast Click the link below to learn about their services

Cooper Norman.png

Cooper Norman Accounting

Cooper Norman provides Pure Maintenance Licensees with special pricing on tax returns and also is currently compiling an industry report for all those who use there services. This report will provide an in depth look in to how your business compares with the rest of the Pure Maintenance licensees and the industry as a whole. Contact Scott Nielson at 208-716-6964.

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MICRO Mold Certification

Bob Ederer runs this online certification course. Many of the Pure Maintenance licensees have used his easy to manage online courses. He offers both an inspection course and a remediation course depending on your state requirements. Although his training does not cover the demolition free treatment, Bob has endorsed our technology and his certification will allow you to work in states where such is required.


Stratford Insurance

Stratford insurance is great for liability insurance. Some companies will charge over $1,000/month to insure contractors and remediation specialists. Colby Stratford took the time to come see what we do and has given our licensees a much better rate. His number is 801-663-9364.



Fiverr is an online platform with affordable graphics, video, SEO and social media services. Many of the Pure Maintenance videos come from vendors on FIVERR. Sign up using the link below to receive 20% off your first order.

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The Dealio

The Dealio is a full service web design company. They built the website and have a good understanding of the business and what information the sites should contain. If you chose to outsource your web design they are a great option.