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Additional Training


Mold Inspection Form

How to do an initial visit

Air Sampling Training

How and When to use Tape Tests for Mold

Interpreting Air Quality Reports

Mixing instructions for instapure and everpure

Humidity Training

Troubleshooting the Fog Head

Treating a Car


Step by step instructions on how to set up your google listing

Service Direct Info

A $5 Real Estate Sales Activity

Making a decision on Home Advisor

Marketing 101: A Sales Funnel

Unscripted Call to Real Estate Agency

Google My Business

Supply and Demand Pricing

Creating a new or better website

Getting Listed on Directories


Leather Packing Maintenance

Marker Molds

Troubleshooting the fog head

How the EverPURE antimicrobial works

Breakdown of Dry Fog Head

Understanding how the mold reacts to the fog

dry fog penetrating behind walls.

Microbiology from the 2019 Dry Fog Expo

health effects of mold at the 2019 Dry Fog Convention

Pressure Relief Valve


Marketing Testimonial by Mold Zero

Using the new my.puremaintenance site

This is another Mold Zero Testimonial

Mold Class Given By Mike Adams

Pure Maintenance of North Carolina in the News

No Demo Mold tests the dry fog on electronics demonstrates

Mold Zero Marketing video

Preparing a customer for treatment

Pure Maintenance of Arizona